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About Us

Picture-perfect landscapes, the simple pleasures of country living and a grand old home.

Nestled among rolling hills, obscured by fog, encircled by lovingly tended gardens and in the midst of 200 acres of coffee and pepper plantations, is a stately home in Coorg, South India. With a history going back more than a century, The School Estate is a homestay for the discerning traveler combining the best that Coorg has to offer – a rich heritage, stunning vistas, myriad adventures and a unique cultural experience.

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The Gardens


The Estate





Mountain Walks

Perched on the Western Ghats, a diverse mountain range in South India, Coorg’s natural beauty and vistas are best appreciated on a trek. In the higher ranges the hills appear as gentle grassy slopes. As you head south, rounded hills give way to deep ravines. Further down, forested knolls ripple up from paddy fields and coffee estates. And as you make your way through ancient pathways, steep summits rising defiantly into blue skies, suddenly burst into view.

The Coorg Life

The Kodavas, native inhabitants of Coorg, have a strikingly unique and well-preserved culture. Often thought to be of Middle Eastern descent, and having imbibed regional influences over thousands of years, the Kodavas have distinctive costumes, cuisine and customs, combining a deep reverence for nature and ancestor worship. Being a martial race, expect to find in every Kodava home on proud display, guns, swords and the traditional dagger, the Oidekatti.